Board of Directors

The role of an elected Board of Directors is to be responsive to the beliefs, values and priorities of the congregation. The Board fulfills this role by performing four major functions:

  1. Setting direction (i.e. vision and strategic planning)
  2. Establishing an effective and efficient structure (i.e. policy and procedures)
  3. Providing support (i.e. financial and emotional)
  4. Ensuring accountability (i.e. regular evaluation)

Authority is granted to the Board as a whole, not each member individually. Therefore, board members fulfill these responsibilities by working together as a governance team, along with the administrative leadership, to make decisions that will best serve all members of the congregation.

Our Board of Directors

Brook Luter, President

Nick Acquaviva, Vice President

Cary Evans, Treasurer

Sally Goossen, Secretary

Alan Burzlaff, Member at Large

Rob Duchow, Member at Large

Karen Dierks, Member at Large

Leslie Klinchuch, Member at Large

Matthew Park, Member at Large

Dan Shanyfelt, Member at Large

Randy Horne, Elder Representative

Dennis Hilken, Pastor, non-voting member



Board of Directors Meetings