Endowment - The Fund


What is the Fund?

The St. John’s Lutheran Church Endowment Fund, established in 2005, is dedicated to the advancement of Christ’s gospel to all His children by providing for existing ministries, extending the church’s ministry beyond these programs, and by providing resources to meet future needs.

How is the Fund administered?

The Endowment Fund Committee is made up of six church members, plus the church Director of Finance and Congregational Gift Planner as non-voting ad hoc members. The committee is responsible for making policy recommendations to the Board of Directors and implementing these policies in relation to the professional management teams and disbursement of the gifts as well as counseling and communicating with members.

How will income be disbursed?

The Fund is intended to exist in perpetuity, which means the principal investment will not be diminished by withdrawals. Each year 5% of the value of the Fund will be used for special ministries. These ministries may be inside or outside the congregation, but the fund may not be used for daily operating expenses of the congregation. The more our Fund grows, the larger the income will be that it provides.

How will the Fund be managed?

The Fund is professionally managed by the LCMS Foundation and provides income to the church based upon the fund’s market value.

For more information:

You may contact Mike Kinsey, 665-7815.

Consult with your attorney, accountant or financial planner to determine the gifting plan most appropriate for you. 

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